Wish I was financially stable with a house with 5+ acres and a couple of kids with smoking hot wife

Everytime I go on any social media, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. I always see girls complaining about how all guys are assholes and how there forever alone and all guys want is just sex. PLEASE! Do me a favor and stop saying ALL! Because that isnt true. Not all of us are assholes, not all of us just want sex, and you choose to be “forever alone” because you keep putting us non sex addictive assholes in the friend zone. I really do believe in the saying “Nice guys finish last”, because its true. I remember I was dating this one girl for about almost a year, and one day out of nowhere. She ended the relationship. I asked why did I do something wrong? She said no, im just too nice. She said we have never once had a fight, we never argue, and that its rare that I ever get jealous. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN “I’M TOO NICE?”. Do you want me to be a asshole, yell at you, argue and break up and get back the same day over some bullshit reason. Because thats a waist of time and I dont want that! Lifes too short to be arguing, breaking up and getting back together over something stupid. That shit just seems so stressfull and thats not a relationship that I want. But I just want you to know that im sorry for wanting you to be happy, im sorry for saving up PAYCHECKS to take you wherever you wanted to go, buy whatever you wanted to buy. So if you want to stop dating assholes who want nothing but sex. Then you should give us “You’re too Nice” Guys a chance, and if you still want to go date assholes then go ahead but im not going to turn into one just because our relationship is boring.